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Information about payment methods:

- Credit / Debit cards

Payments by Credit / Debit Cards are made in EURO at the central exchange rate of the BNB and pass automatically through the automated payment platform. No pre-registration is required!

You can use both credit and debit cards from all issuers.

You see the blank fields and after filling in the required data, you will see a screen to check the data. In parallel, you will receive an email for a successfully accepted order and waiting for your payment.

SPECIFICATION: The beginning of the order is accepted as the confirmation that the client has transferred the money to the account of Circle Tools Ltd.

If you want the order to move as fast as possible, you need to send us a scanned payment order to along with your order number.

When paying from a foreign bank account you need to pay the bilateral bank fees (for your and our country).


OFFICE: 3 Krushite Str., Sofia, Bulgaria

SHOP:  Verila Str., Ravno pole, Bulgaria

WORKING HOURS: Mon-Fri: 10-18 h.


PHONE: +359 087 710 50 58

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